It’s 1582 in Salm (located in present-day France).

Pyres smolder as political leaders use religious fervor to retain power, blaming weather patterns, failed crops, and disease on heretics and sorcery. Catherine Cathillon lives in isolation while her father’s mistrust of local authority prevents her from joining the community.

A chance meeting with the mayor’s son, Nicolas, changes everything. He reads to Catherine, and when she learns what life is like outside their farm, she begs him to teach her to read, but class differences force them to meet in secret. During the lessons, they fall in love, but when their romance is exposed, spurned lovers set a path for revenge.

Whispers swirl into gossip, and Catherine finds herself charged with witchcraft facing a desperate fight for her life against the pyre. To defend herself from sorcery charges she must refer to things she could only have learned from banned books, but that will bring fresh charges of sedition not only for her but for her entire family.

FROM THE DROP OF HEAVEN, a 2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Gold Medal Winner, is a 100,000-word, multi-perspective historical novel.

I am looking for representation at this time.