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Juliette Godot

Juliette Godot

With over 40,000 ancestors in her family tree, some dating back to the 1400s, Juliette’s desire to know her family’s origin became unquenchable. The quest to find her roots led her down the back roads of France, scouring the countryside, to the former county of Salm where superstitions were part of everyday life. Along the way, she found myths and legends among unsung facts that must be told.

Juliette Godot grew up on a family farm north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and went to a small Catholic school. After receiving her degree, she worked as a software engineer at a renowned university in Pittsburgh, but for as long as she could remember, she has been interested in genealogy.

Since her two children have grown, she moved to Florida and lives with her husband Louis.

Juliette is a member of the Genealogy Squad, Alsace and Lorraine Genealogy, Writers Unite, Wannabee Writers Group, The Writers League of the Villages, and the Florida Writers Association.