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This tragic saga follows the lives of the family

de la Goutte de Paradis.

English translation:


The story is fiction;

however, it is based on my

actual family members and true events.

In the sixteenth century, superstitions run deep, and witches are suspected everywhere.

During the day, the villagers of Vacquenoux shun Catherine’s family. At night, they ignore witchcraft rumors swirling around her grandmother and seek her healing skills. Catherine longs to rise above the cloud of suspicion and learn about the world outside her farm.

When Nicolas is treated for snakebite, he finds himself infatuated with Catherine. Wanting to impress her, he reads to her but fails to mention that simply possessing the wrong book might get her killed.

They stumble upon a shocking revelation about a powerful bishop. Willing to do anything to keep his secret and using the books as an excuse, the bishop orders a plot of revenge. Catherine is arrested for witchcraft. Her only hope for clemency is to refer to things she could only have learned from the banned books. She must choose her words carefully, as they will either free her or send her to the stake.