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Juliette Godot

Always the history nerd, Juliette Godot has been working on her genealogy since childhood. Though she never found any royal blood, she did find many noteworthy characters.

Juliette spent too many years expediting print jobs and collecting debts at a hardware co-op before dropping out of the daily grind and going back to school.

Upon graduation, she landed a software engineering position at Carnegie Mellon University and spent the next fifteen years battling deadlines and traffic. By then, she had over 40,000 ancestors cataloged, but she wanted to know more than just names on the family tree.

The quest to find her roots led her down the back roads of France to the unsung principality of Salm where superstitions were part of everyday life. The myths and legends of the Renaissance and the grit of the people steadfast in faith as war surrounded them enveloped Juliette. Writing about it was the only way she could get it out of her mind.

Juliette and her husband make their home in beautiful Western Pennsylvania. She still works on her genealogy. She likes to paint, ride Rails to Trails, babysit her grandchildren, and tend to her wildflower garden. 

Home of Award-winning Historical Fiction

After winning the 2021 Gold Medal in the Royal Palm Literary Awards for unpublished historical fiction, her debut novel was picked up by Sunbury Press for release in August 2022.

From the Drop of Heaven: Legends, Prejudice, and Revenge