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The 2021 Royal Palm Literary Awards Gold Medal Winner for unpublished historical fiction.

Renaissance Historical Fiction at its best!

From the Drop of Heaven

What defense is there to superstition?

It’s 1582, a time when books are banned, and witches live next door. Citizens of the European principality of Salm pray the way they want while Catholic and Protestant fanatics in surrounding towns believe theirs is the only truth. Everyone is a heretic to one side or the other.

Martin, an accused seditionist, seeks safety in Salm, and he teaches Nicolas, the mayor’s son, to read. Though Nicolas knows Martin’s books are banned, he cannot resist them.

Catherine Cathillon and her family live in isolation. Though Catholic, her father’s mistrust of the church prevents her from joining the community. A chance meeting with Nicolas changes everything. He reads to Catherine, and when she learns what life is like outside their farm, she begs him to teach her to read. But class differences force them to meet in secret. During the lessons, they fall in love, but their romance is exposed, and spurned lovers swear vengeance.

Lovelorn revenge is one thing, but when one of the banned books is found in Nicolas’s shop, Catherine learns that her father was right. Their true enemy is the man charged with saving their souls, and he will stop at nothing to reinforce his position of power.

Based on real people and events, genealogist Juliette Godot draws upon her own Renaissance-era family to bring you her award-winning debut novel From the Drop of Heaven.  

A 2021 Royal Palm Literary Award Gold Medal Winner, From the Drop of Heaven is Renaissance Historical Fiction at its best.

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Fiona Quinn, USA Today Best-Selling Author

“Brushed onto a historical canvas, this riveting novel explores themes that have colored women’s lives throughout the generations. What we grappled with in our distant past has poignancy in today’s world. A beautifully rendered story that will capture your imagination.”

D. K. Marley, historical fiction author of Blood and Ink, and the CEO of The Historical Fiction Company

“For lovers of rich, immersive history wrapped in a captivating and heartbreaking story, this book grabs hold from the very beginning and refuses to release until the very last word. Juliette Godot is a master storyteller, taking her own astounding family history and offering the reader a beautifully crafted tale worthy of ten stars!”

Catherine Meyrick, historical fiction author of Forsaking All Other, The Bridled Tongue, and Cold Blows the Wind.

“The Drop of Heaven is an absorbing and unsettling story of the struggles of a close-knit family in the dangerous world of late 16th century France – a world beset by simmering grudges and petty jealousies, disease, ignorance, superstition, and religious intolerance.”

Celia Martin, The Hayward/D’Arcy 17th century historical adventure romance series. 

“In ‘From the Drop of Heaven’ Juliette Godot has woven a masterpiece of texture and color in historically depicting the life and times of France in the late sixteenth century when Protestants and Catholics see little but evil in one another. As families strive to maintain peace, they must bow to the powers of the State and the Catholic and Protestant hierarchies. Lies are easily spread, and the innocent can find themselves at the mercy of the courts for offenses they never committed. Such is the fate of two families the de la Goutte de Paradis and the Cathillon in Salm and the Duchy of Lorraine. This is both a moving and inspiring tale.”