Purchase From the Drop of Heaven

purchase From the Drop of Heaven

Thank you for inquiring about how to purchase From the Drop of Heaven.

If you make a purchase, THANK YOU! And please leave a review on Amazon, Bookbub, Barnes and Noble, or Goodreads. I read every review and they help new readers discover my book.

To purchase From the Drop of Heaven:


If you would like an autographed copy, message me through the box through my contact page, my Facebook page, or my Twitter account. Payment through Paypal and I will pay the shipping to the mainland USA for free.

Please, first, check with your local independent bookstore. They can order it from their usual channels, or you can purchase through the links below.

Sunbury Press

Barnes and Noble



There are several ways bookstores can purchase From the Drop of Heaven for resale. No matter how you order, if you have unused, unsold copies that you want to return, contact me through the form below and I will arrange a pickup and refund. Please do not return them to the store.

  1. Author consignment. Contact me through the form below.
  2. Through your regular bookshop.org channels.
  3. Through Ingram. ISBN#1620069494
  4. Through Sunbury Press

Bookstores receive a 40% discount and free shipping for orders over $100 from Sunbury Press. Use coupon code VC40.

a. Online from SunburyPress.com

b. Calling Sunbury Press at 1-855-338-8359 ext. 1

c. Email orders (@) sunburypress.com

If you have trouble ordering or have questions about buying or returning unused, unsold copies of From the Drop of Heaven, please contact me.

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