Francisca’s Natural Healing

Could natural healing using God’s gifts be wrong?

“Father Brignon shook his head. “It is against the pope’s teachings, and I think you do know that.”

Defiant, Francisca raised her chin. “God created the plants I use. Why would He give us the ability to use nature’s gifts if it were wrong?”

His eyes bore into her. “I haven’t all the answers, and I’ll not preach to you, but promise me you’ll be careful whom you give it to. Any suggestion that you have slain an infant in the womb or hindered a woman from conceiving will surely bring an accusation of witchcraft. I cannot protect you if you get caught.”

From the Drop of Heaven excerpt

We seem to be having the same conversation today and if our past is any indication, they might be having the same conversation in another 400 years. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we would just think as Francisca did and consider natural healing using God’s gifts?

Fireplace drying herbs for natural healing
Fireplace drying herbs in the farmhouse at Le Petit-Courty

Hanging from the rafters of Le Petit-Courty, like an upside-down garden, Francisca dried plants, roots, and bark, ready for immediate use for natural healing methods to treat whatever ailed the Cathillon family or the people of Vacquenoux. She delivered their babies, tended to their wounds, whether physical or mental, and demanded everyone to work hard and give their best.

Francesca’s Natural Healing

Pain and Inflammation

Have a backache but can’t make it to the doctor or pharmacy? Maybe you have something in you kitchen that would help. Got any ginger in your pantry? It might help to try a natural alternative… Read More

Dry Skin

This time of year, those of us who live in cold winter climates deal with dry itchy skin as an unpleasant fact. Why not try a home remedy for dry skin and save some money? Read More

Natural healing for cold or flu

This time of year, everyone seems to have the sniffles. Francisca surely had a list of natural healing remedies to treat the symptoms. Here are just a few she may have prescribed. This year, why not try a few home remedies before putting more chemicals into your body? Vitamin C in plants such as Hemp-Agrimony staved off scurvy and colds during the long Vosges winter without fresh fruits.

  • Oregano tea helps loosen phlegm and soothes coughs and asthma.
  • A few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a tablespoon of honey mixed in a cup of water will knock out a cold.

Read more…

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