Juliette Godot

Juliette Godot grew up on a family farm north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and went to a small Catholic school. After spending twenty years behind a computer at Carnegie Mellon University, a car accident forced her to step away from Software Engineering.

To pass the time, Juliette delved into genealogy. The quest to find her roots led her down the back roads of France to the unsung county of Salm where superstitions were part of everyday life. Along the way, she found her 12x great-grandmother, Catherine among myths and legends that must be told. FROM THE DROP OF HEAVEN is Catherine’s story.

Juliette is a member of several genealogical groups including the Alsace and Lorraine Genealogy, and several writers groups including the Oxford Writing Group and the Florida Writers Association.

Contact: juliettegodot@gmail.com