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Book Trailer

Check out this From the Drop of Heaven Promotional Video.

I’ve seen these promotional videos and I decided to take the plunge and have one made. Thank you Dee Marley for the terrific job.

Promotional Book Trailer

The Blurb

It’s 1582. A time when books are banned, and witches live next door. Citizens of the European principality of Salm pray the way they want. While Catholic and Protestant fanatics in surrounding towns believe theirs is the only truth. Everyone is a heretic to one side or the other.

Banned books in tow, Martin, an accused seditionist, seeks safety in Salm. He teaches Nicolas, the mayor’s son, to read. Though Nicolas knows Martin’s books are banned, he cannot resist them.

Catherine Cathillon and her family live in isolation. Though Catholic, her father’s mistrust of the church prevents her from joining the community. However, a chance meeting with Nicolas changes everything. He reads to Catherine. When she learns what life is like outside their farm, she begs him to teach her to read. But class differences force them to meet in secret. During the lessons, they fall in love, but their romance is exposed, and spurned lovers swear revenge.

Cover From the Drop of Heaven

Lovelorn vengeance is one thing, but when someone finds one of the banned books in Nicolas’s shop, Catherine realizes that her father was right. Their true enemy is the man charged with saving their souls. Nevertheless, he will stop at nothing to reinforce his position of power.

Genealogist Juliette Godot draws upon her own Renaissance-era family to bring you her award-winning debut novel.